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“In response to a statement Akira Tohei made in the December 1978 issue — ‘There are no professional women aikidoists — a fourth-degree black belt named Mary Heiny writes in: ‘Imagine my surprise to read that I did not exist!’ “

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  • 2018 Gender Balance in Aikido Survey Results October 19, 2018 nakano-takekoThis summer I posted a survey on aikidowomen.org querying Aikido practitioners about the gender ratios in their dojos.  The survey was shared on Facebook, Reddit, and aikiweb.com.  Here are the results. Part 1: The Total Numbers Here are the total numbers for each numerical question: Total number of survey respondents included in results: 22 (note: one respondent’s results ...
  • Sunday Thoughts: “Women in Aikido” by Andrea Siegel, Lorraine DiAnne Sensei March 19, 2018 Women in Aikido - Andrea SiegelI’ve just started reading Women in Aikido, by Andrea Siegel, a book with several interviews of women with black belts in Aikido.  The book was published in 1993, so it’s a little bit dated, but so far I like it for not being a complete sales pitch for Aikido, and because the women talk about ...

Aikido Women in the News

  • Learning how to defend personal space June 30, 2018 “Those attending Saturday’s Women’s Self Defense Workshop hosted by The American Aikido Institute, in cooperation with Before Help Arrives, learned how to defend their personal space, the 360-degree area around a person’s body when their arm is outstretched. Instructor Garry Howard taught “real world” solutions to the class of 20 women for use when protecting themselves in an increasingly dangerous world.” The Brazil Times Read Article >
  • International Aikido Federation Gender Balance Activities June 2, 2018 A list of events and activities from the IAF promoting gender balance: http://www.aikido-international.org/main-menu-archives/news-archive-2/24-iaf-latest-news/151-gender-balance-activities
  • Trial by Fire: Tenzan Aikido’s Women’s Self-Defense Program June 2, 2018 On April 21st, Ikazuchi Dojo sent three students to Seattle to attend Bruce Bookman and Melissa Pittman Fischer’s seven-hour women’s self-defense intensive. Aikido Journalspeaks with the students who traveled to attend the seminar…. Read Full Article on AikidoJournal.com
  • Aikido North Jersey Hosts Charity Event For Rebuilding Lives Beyond Domestic Violence June 2, 2018 Aikido North Jersey is holding its 8th Annual Rhona Smiles Benefit Seminar on June 2, 2018. This year, all donations will go to the Center for Hope and Safety NJ’s Rebuilding Lives Beyond Domestic Violence. Read Article >